Otorian prospectus - Applications are open!

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Otorian prospectus - Applications are open!

Postby Slashor on Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:58 am


Otori is a large, long-established clan which prides itself on its activity. We are particularly known for our regular appearances in the Hall of Records, and our buffbot Testudinata. Well-known players include neko chan, Tagliatelle, Slashor, babyslave and Pastaroni.


Members are required to be active in both clan chat and our forums. (Participation in clan projects is required only if you wish to gain additional responsibility.) This policy is strongly enforced so a failure to remain active may result in a demotion or booting. As a result, there is a good sense of community in the clan, with lively chat and forums.


Otori is a clan for experienced players of the game. If you haven't played the game for at least 4 months we are unlikely to accept you. We do however review each application on its own merit and always break our own rules in exceptional cases. You don't have to be a KoL megastar to join Otori but you do have to be trustworthy, experienced and willing to participate.


Unlike other clans, we do not have a specific policy about alternate accounts (otherwise known as multis). However, if you wish to apply with a multi, you will need to explain why you do not wish to join Otori with your main account - and this reason needs to be one which both you and we could consider to be a good one. If your multi is accepted, it will be subject to exactly the same activity criteria as everyone else. It should go without saying but multi abusers need not apply.

Trial Period:

If you are accepted you will then be admitted into Otori with the rank of Ronin. This will be a time where you can prove to us that you are able to be active in chat, on the forums, and in projects. This also allows both parties (you and Otori) to get a feel for each other and see if you truly are a good fit for the clan. This trial period will be 60 days in length, though in exceptional circumstances it may be shorter.

Application procedure:

Please read the whole of this section carefully before doing anything.

To apply to Otori, please send a kmail containing your application to Tichondrius (#125865). Your application should contain the following information:

1. Biography - A biography of your time in KoL, and a short biography of yourself in real life. Please include the names of any multies and your KOL forum name as well.

2. Talents/Abilities - Anything you can bring to the clan which might help us with our projects such as programming, art, writing, graphic design or friends "in high places" - and don't forget to include examples of your talents if at all possible. These aren't the only skills we need but just some examples. It is also useful to note whether you will actually have the time to use these skills - you might be an awesome web designer but if you work 18 hours a day you probably won't have much time to help out!

3. References - You must have one from a clan leader and at least one from an Otorian. Well-known players are also good additional references. Please ask your referees to kmail their references directly to the membership ministers mentioned above. If we have to message them to ask for your references then that is already a mark against you. If you do not have good references expect to be rejected. If you are a clan leader then references from two or three members of your clan can replace the "clan leader" reference. You can still apply if you do not know any Otorians well enough to ask for a reference but we will expect an exceptional application and excellent references from other players.

This application should be in the form of an essay, not a list. English skills are important and we do use how you write your application to determine your character. Please use paragraphing and don't just submit a large block of text. There is no upper limit on the length of an application - a few people have had to split theirs into three kmails - but quality is much more important than quantity.

Any application which does not follow these guidelines will be rejected with extreme prejudice.

Do not apply to the clan within the game until you have been accepted. Not knowing your previous clan makes it much harder to contact people who can verify what you say.

We are human so don't expect a reply to your application 2 hours after you have submitted it. If you haven't heard from us within 4 days please do hassle us. You could have been lost in the system or we may have forgotten to message you about something important.

Contact Tichondrius (#125865) if you have any queries.

Note: Shameless social climbers need not apply....
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