Need superhuman cocktailcrafting?

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Need superhuman cocktailcrafting?

Postby Deathless on Wed Sep 27, 2006 1:21 am

I realized that my 8 farming multis' access to the Nash's still is probably being wasted

Before you ask, I have 8 other accounts (all DBs for item drop and meat drop skills) that farm and give stuff away in /c games and the contests forum. Yay for KOL mafia.

If anybody wants anything from them ever, just message me in game, and I'll let you know which ones still have still access for the day (don't send me anything, though, as I'll be in HC for a while). For your reference the accounts are:

King of the Rovers
Laser Bullet
Wandering Multi
Candy Pirate
Red Maw
Free Stuff For All
So Much More
Pleasure Slave
On a quest to catch 'em all! 39/59 familiars so far, next goal is a Cheshire Bat.
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