Bartle KoL remake introduction thread

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Bartle KoL remake introduction thread

Postby magiragnarok on Mon Sep 10, 2007 5:14 am

Hello fellow clans and friends!

I came to present to you the Bartle KoL remake project. Right now, I am in need of possibly anyone you can imagine. Question writers, organizers (especially), editors, coders, artists and what have you.

This project aims to bring a comprehensive test to the community, and as a side project, to bring the community together, amidst all the fiery trolls and heated debates as of late.

Please see that I'm not out to "get" anyone nor am I trying to "show off" HCN. I'm doing this on my own initiative. In fact, HCN told me to go in my corner when I asked for help. D:

So far we have about 30 questions. Many of them have been criticized already and are in need of editing. We are in need of some new art for sigs and quiz sigs. We need coders. Organizers too, to fix the whole thing up together.

Are you up for the challenge?

Sincerely with best wishes,
- MagiNinjA (1036193)

Additional Info:

* ...We don't have a very good name for this project yet.
* We do have an IRC channel. #bartlekol @ Please join us!
* If you have any questions, you can kmail me (1036193, in case you don't have it drilled in ;) ) or you can PM me on the main forums.
* Remember, this is a project for the community. No flaming others or any hostile feelings, please.
* The place is at ... m.php?f=29
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