Post-Ascension Area Reference Thread

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Post-Ascension Area Reference Thread

Postby Tichondrius on Thu Sep 22, 2005 6:23 pm

Thought it would be useful to compile this info from the individual threads.I'll leave this open, so feel free to ask about adding stuff.(It's still a work in progress anyway)

Gnomish Gnomads' Camp - Moxie Signs

Fragnik, the regnaissance Gnome - Teaches special passive gnome skills at 5000 meat each.


Gnefarious Pickpocketing - This skill lets you gaffle a little bit more Meat from monsters you defeat.

Torso Awaregness - This skill allows you to understand how to use the middle part of your body to wear things known as "shirts."

Cosmic Ugnderstanding - Like a mystical, mystical gnome, you're more in touch with the Cosmos than most people are. And with the Redbooks.

Powers of Observatiogn - This skill makes you observant, like a very, very observant gnome. It increases the number of items you find when fighting monsters.

Gnomish Hardigness - This skill makes you hardy, like a gnome. A hardy gnome. A hardy boy gnome, or a hardy girl gnome. Doesn't really matter.

Gnirf, The World's Sneakiest Gnome - Provides special Moxie training.

The Gnomish Microbrewery - Sells Gnome Booze+Daily special.

Petite Porter: 50 Meat, 3 drunkenness, +3-5 adventures.
Scrawny Stout: 75 Meat, 3 drunkenness, +3-6 adventures.
Infinitesimal IPA: 100 Meat, 3 drunkenness, +3-9 adventures.
Daily Special: Any drink except Gnome Booze, DB and TPS drinks.

Gnorman, the Supertinker - Allows you to make Clockwork items.

Item Combinations:

-Basic parts
clockwork thingamajig = flange + cog + spring
clockwork widget = flange + cog, + sprocket
clockwork doohickey = flange + spring + sprocket

-Intermediate Parts
clockwork rings = clockwork thingamajig + flange + sprocket
clockwork spine = clockwork widget + cog + spring
clockwork counterclockwise dome = clockwork doohickey + cog + sprocket
clockwork clockwise dome = clockwork widget + flange + spring
clockwork claws = clockwork thingamajig + spring + sprocket
clockwork sheet = clockwork doohickey + cog + flange

-Advanced Items
clockwork endoskeleton = clockwork claws + clockwork counterclockwise dome + clockwork key
MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech(attack familiar) =clockwork spine + clockwork claws + clockwork key
clockwork pants = clockwork sheet + clockwork rings + clockwork key
trench coat = clockwork spine + clockwork key + clockwork sheet
clockwordk sphere = clockwork clockwise dome + clockwork counter clockwork dome + clockwork key
clockwork hat = Clockwork clockwise dome + clockwork rings + clockwork key

-End Items
unwound clockwork grapefruit(familiar) = clockwork endoskeleton + grapefruit(cook)
clockwork maid head = clockwork sphere + maiden wig(combine, gives 8 adventure per day when complete)
clockwork chef head = clockwork sphere + chefs hat(combine, fully built lasts for longer than the normal chef)
clokwork detective skull = clockwork sphere + gnoll lips(combine, provides better info than the normal skull)
clockwork bartender head = clockwork sphere + Beer Goggles(combine, lasts longer than the normal Bartender)

Thugnderdome - Gnome themed adventuring area(25 Main stat requirement)


Gnarly Gnome
Gnomester Blomester
Gnefarious Gnome
Gnasty Gnome
Gnu Jack Gnome
Vicious Gnauga

-Item drops

Clockwork Key
Gnauga hide

Little Canadia - Mysticality Signs

The Institute for Canadian Studies - Provides special Mysticality training.

Chez Snooteé - Sells Canadian Food+Daily special.

Peche a la Frog: 50 Meat, 3 fullness, +3-4 adventures
Au Jus Gezund Heit: 75 Meat, 4 fullness, +4-6 adventures
Bouillabaise Coucher Avec Moi: 100 Meat, 5 fullness, +5-9 adventures
Daily Special: Pretty much anythind edible except Canadian food and top tier Pastamancer dishes.

The Super-Secret Canadian Mind-Control Device - Increases monster level and yields special boss rewards.

Special Boss Rewards:
Baron Von Ratsworth's Money Clip: Beat the Baron with the MCD turned up to 2.
Baron Von Ratsworth's tophat: Beat the Baron with the MCD turned up to 9.
Boss Bat Britches: Beat the Boss Bat with the MCD turned up to 4
Boss Bat Bling: Beat the Boss Bat with the MCD turned up to 8
Glass Balls of the Goblin King: Beat the Goblin Kind with the MCD turned up to 3
Cape of the Goblin Kind: Beat the Goblin Kind with the MCD turned up to 7
Rib of the Bonerdagon: Beat the Bonerdagon with the MCD turned up to 5
Vertebra of the Bonerdagon: Beat the Bonderdagon with the MCD turned up to 10

Outskirts of Camp Logging Camp - A Canadia themed adventuring area (Info to come soon)

Inside Degrassi Knoll/Bugbear Pens/Spooky Gravy Barrow - Muscle Signs

The Plunger - Allows you to combine items without meat paste.

The Bakery - Sells cooking ingredients.

Gnollish pie tin: 30 Meat
wad of dough: 50 Meat
flat dough: 70 Meat
skewer: 80 Meat
taco shell: 80 Meat
Gnollish casserole dish: 150 Meat

The General Store - Sells Car parts, Bugbear Costume and Gnollish items.

spring: 20 Meat
sprocket: 20 Meat
cog: 20 Meat
empty meat tank: 20 Meat
tires: 28 Meat
bugbear beanie: 70 Meat
bugbear bungguard: 70 Meat
Gnollish plunger: 80 Meat
Gnollish flyswatter: 80 Meat
frilly skirt: 80 Meat
maiden wig: 80 Meat

The Gym - Provides special Muscle training

The Innabox - Meatsmiths stuff for you, therefore saving adventures.

Mayor Zapruder - Mayor of the Knoll, has a quest for you.*Quest Guide to come*

The Mushroom Fields - Buying a plot for 5000 meat here allows you to grow mushrooms.

What follows is Capn Gnarly's mushroom farming guide:

There is a simple plot layout and every other day control in order to get to your 3rd gen mushrooms. For now, we will refer the the spooky, knob, and knoll mushrooms as a, b, and c, non-specifically (they can be interchanged, as long as it stays constant).

The plan is to create a layout that gives you the most output possible, which is relatively simple. Follow this layout, and you'll end up well.

x = nothing
a/b/c = mushroom spore
A/B/C = grown mushroom
n/o/p = second generation spores
N/O/P = second generation mushrooms
g/h/i = third gen spores
G/H/I = third gen shrooms

Start by planting this pattern:

a x b x
x x x c
c x x x
x b x a

It will grow to:

A x B x
x x x C
C x x x
x B x A

leading to:

x n x o
p x o x
x o x p
o x n x

followed by:

x N x O
P x O x
x O x P
O x N x

VERY IMPORTANT: Pull the two O's in the middle here, otherwise your crop will get confused and most likely ruined.

x N x O
P x x x
x x x P
O x N x

shortly after:

g x h x
x g x i
i x g x
x h x g

and lastly:

G x H x
x G x I
I x G x
x H x G

This will be the final day. Pull your shrooms, finish the quest, mix your wines, auto-sell, whatever. Doesn't matter.

The Bugbear Pens - Lair of the Gnoll's Slave Bugbears, needed for the Mayor's quest and the place to visit for the "Let my Bugbears Go" Trophy.


Before you finish the quest (Monsters):
angry bugbear
annoying spooky gravy fairy
bugged bugbear
mad bugbears
revolting bugbear
revolving bugbear

After you finish the quest (Non-combat adventures):
The Animal Instinct
Beauty is only fur deep
The Bugbear Baker
Deuces Wild
It doesn't grow on trees, you know!
Ma Cherie
Nothing Up My Sleeve
The Right To Bugbear Arms
One Day in the Life (In disguise)

-Item Drops

annoying pitchfork
gnoll lips
gnoll teeth
gingerbread bugbear

The Spooky Gravy barrow - Residence of Queen Felonia and the spooky gravy fairies and the last stage of the Mayor's quest.
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