The Sorceress's Tower (from climbing through the fight)

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The Sorceress's Tower (from climbing through the fight)

Postby Capn Gnarly on Fri Jun 10, 2005 6:04 am

This is an all-inclusive list of how to climb the tower and defeat the Naughty Sorceress, written to be pinned.

I am putting everything in spoiler tags so you can separate them and not be overloaded by tons of information all at once. Only what you're looking for.

Please tell me if I am missing anything, and I will edit it to include said missing information.

The Six Tower Levels:

[spoiler]While climbing the tower, you will meet up with six random enemies from a list of 11. None of these can be fought using combat (unless you are mightily powerful), but instead have one item as a weakness. These are listed as the monster, then the item that defeats it:

The Fly -- Spider Web
Vicious Easel -- Disease
Bowling Cricket -- Sonar-in-a-Biscuit
Finger of F8 -- Razor-sharp Can Lid
Submarine -- Photoprotoneutronic Torpedo
Golem -- Meat Vortex
Cow -- Barbed-wire Fence
Ice Cube -- Can of Hair Spray
Tex Rex -- Chaos Butterfly
Beer Batter -- Baseball
Globe -- NG[/spoiler]

Next, you will face a choice of two doors. One of them has a keypad, while another will take you to four gaurds. The actual game text alters, but it always gives you some sort of logic puzzle to solve.

The method was found here, as posted by "guest:"
[spoiler]No. The compass points (North, East, South) are randomized. If you are extremely lazy and don't mind taking damage, the easiest way is to first try the 2 combinations where the guard gives all 3 digits.

So, if North and South both have a "solution," try both of them. There's a good chance both will fail, but one might work. You take 100HP damage.

Then, try the case where the person giving 2 digits is the truthteller. As explained before. To get the final digit, just see who the truthteller calls a liar for the digit you need. (E.g. East is the truthteller and gives you the first and third digits. And East calls North a liar for the middle digit. Then you know the middle digit is what South was saying.) Then, you have all the digits.

Of course, the "real" way to do it is to actually work out the logic, which really isn't that hard. Riff mentioned some good hints on the regular KoL forums.[/spoiler]

At the entryway to the top of the tower, you will be met with a blazing ball of energy.
[spoiler]Have your Huge Mirror Shard equipped and you'll do fine[/spoiler]

Next up, you will be facing your shadow. The shadow has 99 HP and deals a nice load of damage to you (variable depending on your own HP). You can't hit him/her.

[spoiler]Use combat-useable HP restores to defeat it. Red Pixel Potions, Doc Galactik's stuff, etc.[/spoiler]

Next thing you will be facing are two of the Naughty Sorceress's familiars. Getting past this part means having the proper familiar equipped and it being level 20.

Familiars to have equipped (listed as the Sorceress's Familiar, followed by what you should have):
[spoiler]Barrrnacle -- Angry Goat
Mosquito -- Sabre-toothed Lime
Potato -- Barrrnacle
Angry Goat -- Mosquito
Sabre-toothed Lime -- Potato[/spoiler]

After the familiars, you will be facing the Naughty Sorceress herself. Game text:
[spoiler]You're fighting The Naughty Sorceress

You burst into the final room in the Naughty Sorceress' lair. There, sitting on a huge black throne on a huge black dais, is the Sorceress Herself.

Nothing could have prepared you for how evilly seductive and seductively evil she is. Even though she appears to have bought her wardrobe from Warm Subject -- black leather corset, black leather dress, black leather crown in her long black (not leather) hair, she is a vision of pure malevolent naughtiness.

"Congratulations, adventurer," she says. "You finally made it to me. Now you may know the truth."

"The truth?" You say. "I can't handle the truth! You're the cause of all of this! The monsters, the quests, the bad puns... you did it all! You're!"

The Sorceress shrugs. "I may be bad," she says, "But I feel gooood. Now, are you sure you really want to fight me? Do you really want to hurt me? <character name>... I am your mother!"

"No... it's not true! It's impossible!" You shout.

"Search your feelings... you know it to be true," she says.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!" you shout, raising your arms to the sky.

The sorceress cackles. "Well, that was over the top. And I'm not really your mother, stupid. Geez, I could tell you that all your fighting power comes from some lame micro-organism in your bloodstream and you'd believe it. Come up here on the dais and I'll rock you like a hurricane."

"On the dais? On the dais? Rock me on the dais?" You say, enraged. "That's it. Call me the bus driver, because I'm taking you to school." You leap up on the dais for the final battle.

She gets the jump on you.

The Sorceress points at you and a beam of very sticky light bursts out of her finger. It strikes you and you suddenly feel very, very normal.

She points at <familiar name> and mutters a curse. <familiar name> whimpers.[/spoiler]

Note: being buffed will do absolutely nothing for you. When she makes you feel very, very normal, that would be your buffs and effects going away.

Note #2: For reasons ahead of where you are now, make sure you have the Wand of Nagamar equipped BEFORE you go into this fight.

While fighting the Sorceress in her first and second forms, keep using spells. Everyone tried otherwise, and their asses were handed to them on a regular basis. Also, the potato is very helpful in this case, reducing the number of times you get hit from 5 or 6 down to 2 or 3, less if the RNG likes you.

As for the third form, I cannot say. Having the Wand of Nagamar equipped means there IS no fight at the end (you do not need the Amulet of Extreme Plot Signifigance), so I didn't get to fight. Rather, text:
[spoiler]You're fighting The Naughty Sorceress (3)

"Dang it!" you shout. "How many times do I have to kill you? This battle has taken over a half an hour and there's no save point!"

"Ha! You will never defeat me!" The Sorceress cackles. There is a muffled *POP* and a slightly greasy smell as the apparition vanishes and is replaced by a nasty-looking floating sausage.

The sausage <CHARACTER CLASS SPECIFIC>. Your Wand of Nagamar glows brightly and you hear a <CHARACTER CLASS SPECIFIC>. The lilting melodies of washer-women cleaning small amphibians soothes and delights you.

The sausage attacks you with a <CHARACTER CLASS SPECIFIC>. You mustard up the courage to wave your Wand of Nagamar, which glows brightly. The barrage disappears, and in its place you see a <CHARACTER CLASS SPECIFIC>.

The net hangs in the air, seeking out moose to entrap. When it doesn't see any around, it vanishes.

The sausage whirls violently around and releases a cloud of <CHARACTER CLASS SPECIFIC>. They fly toward you, animated with eldritch magic and eager to clean you to the bone.

"That's it! you shout. "I'm not going to lye down and take this!" You wave the Wand of Nagamar in front of you and SUMMON SAUSAGE PREDATOR.

The Sausage Predator, which looks kind of like a man with dreadlocks and a seriously bad complexion, makes short work of the suausage. He then falls into a nearby plot hole and vanishes.[/spoiler]

All that's left is to ascend. You will free the king, run through the rift, and see several "scenes" of text and the Valhalla Inn. Click around until you decide to ascend, and then, well, you win the intarweb.
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Postby Guest on Fri Jun 10, 2005 6:25 am

For the door code, the search space should never be 27. It should be a maximum of 3, if you're lazy. The method is here.

It should be reducible down to 2 because I think one of the two guards who gives all 3 digits doesn't make logical sense. If you want me to reduce it down to one, I can try, but I'm kind of lazy myself.

Note that the guard text can be different than the one you posted as shown here.

Postby Slashor on Fri Jun 10, 2005 6:26 am

It is just the wand that matter in the 3rd form fight.
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Postby Devilon on Sat Jun 11, 2005 8:26 pm

The text of the third fight is random I believe. I got hit with three different things before I knew about the wand. I got none of them in my final attempt with the Wand.
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Postby piff133 on Sun Oct 16, 2005 3:23 am

Were spells recently nerfed? And did she start hitting more often? I am getting mauled here.
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Postby ashamalee on Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:00 am

piff133 wrote:Were spells recently nerfed? And did she start hitting more often? I am getting mauled here.

Skills have been nerfed, massive forum thread on it.
She has not started hiting more.
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Postby Toric on Sun Feb 19, 2006 12:59 pm

This seems like the best place for it.

First, some things to know about the NS
In addition to the obvious stripping of buffs, blocking of skills and items, and needing the Wand of Nagamar, and so on, there are some inobvious things.

No matter what level you are, the NS is going to be a touch cookie. He power is tied to your own; as your stats go up, so do hers. Specificly, raising mysticality does not seem to particularly make her stronger, though mysticality's use in combat tends to be limited. Raising or lowering your mosie seems to have the biggest effect, most notably on the damage she does to you. To a lesser extent, raising your max HP also raises her damage.

In addition to making you feel very normal, she also zaps your familiar, and makes it whimper. In addition to weakening it (combat familiars do less damage against the NS; this might simply be due to her defences though) she reduces their ability to attack in a very specific way: If the NS blocks your action, your familar will not act that combat round, period. If your action goes unblocked, the familiar will act based on whatever formula it normally works on. i.e. Mecha Mechs will always attack, and so on. Related note, hitting the "attack butt, swinging at her with your wand is NEVER blocked. You may likely miss, but she never blocks plain old attacks.

Another important aspect often unknown or overlooked are some of her combat messages. Bring a detective skull into the fight shows that yes, she does indeed heal Herself. Drinking the red potion is the message to look out for on form one, while the message invovlling her scabs is the one to look out for on form two.

One of the most subtle things is the comcept of negative levels. Most monsters it is quite possible to stack on gads of negative levels with Disco Face Stab or Entangling noodles skills. Monster do significantly less damage and become much more pliable and dead with their muscle and moxie reduced. The NS is not so easy an opponent though. She has a % chance of throwing off all negative leves aflicting her each combat round, without interfering with her own actions. Stacking on more negative levels increases this %, and the poitn where that % becomes 100 is quite low. In fact, it is possible for her to throw off the negative levels the very round you put them on her! A safe rule of thumb for form one is that Disco Face Stab (-7) is too much, period. A Plot Hole (app. -6) will be often thrown off right away, and generally does not last long on form one. In fact, her "threshold" on form one is low enough that whatever benefit you might gain from inflicting them is pretty minimal. Form 2 seems to ahve a higher threshold; it's not uncommon for a Plot Hole to stick for a good duration.

Lastly we have damage caps. Skills that easily do hundreds of damage, and easily one-hit-KO HitS monsters and giants do much, much less damage against her. With a 70 muscle, flaming talons, hamethyst necklace, and two rings of increase damage, and both Claws of the Otter and Walrus yield about 30-35 damage with TS/LTS. On a related note, the new colored elemental damage shows not to be reduced against her, so stacking on elemental damage equipment is a way to push damage up.

Armed with this knowlege, lets discuss strategy. Most people tend to associate their NS strategy to whatever class they are. I encourage a more general outlook. Instead of trying to find the "best" strategy for your class, instead look at what rescources you have available.

First we look at offense, then defense. It is possible to sruve quite well against the NS, but run out of time. You're graced with 50 rounds of combat for each of forms one and two, rather than most monsters' 30. One area where the NS is easier than a regular monster...

Offense. You're going to have to melt through her HP somehow. She's not going to defeat herself for you. You're also going to have to come up with enough offense to do so despite all her defenses, and do so in the 50 rounds; it seems like a lot, but it can often go by very quickly.

Your familiar can be a great source of damage. Obviously, getting your comrade as heavy as possible is important (except for the 'pede, obviously). Sympathy is invaluable here, as a passive skill. Empathy of the Newt and Leash of Luingini are not, as buffs, as the NS wipes them. Your familiar's equipment will add valuable weight usually as well. Your three accessory slots can be devoted to Tiny Plastic Familiars, though at a mere +1lb apiece, You're likely to find better uses for those valuable slots. In order to maximise your buddy's opportunity to lay the smack down, your primary action from round to round should be attacking with the wand. You'll likely miss a lot (less if you're a muscle class) and do only a pittance of damage this way, but with a powerful enough combat familiar (such as a Dodecapede, Mecha Mech, Grapefruit, Owl, Grue, Nutcracker, or GPoaS) You'll put out enough damage to bring her down before the bell rings.

Skills are another valuable resource. Many (Myst class spells, TS/LTS+Eye of the Stoat, Spectral Snapper, Indigestion) never miss, and do solid to awesome damage. Cookbook, toothpicks, hardcore rewards, and so on can help myst class spells, as can raising myst. moxious Manuevers beome more effective as your mosie is increased, Snapper when muscle is increased, Indigestion when fullness is greater, and LTS synergy with various sources of +Melee. The drawbacks are usually MP cost and the NS blocking often. Cheaper MP cost skills tend to pack less of a punch, but drain MP reserves slower, allowing for more attempts to get through the blocks.

Combat Items are the last source of offense available. Many are purely for inflicting damage, others have negative level effects. Cola Grenades are the clear winner for pure damage, often doing as much as 50 or so damage to the NS. Other good alternatives are Torpedos and frigid/star throwing stars. Plot holes are decent, adding in negative levels along with roughly 25 damage. Wussiness potions, barbed-wire fences, spider webs, and procrastination potions that you may have spares of might also work in a pinch. The main drawbacks of item use though, like skills, is the NS blocking them. Whereas skills merely burn and waste MP, mP restoratives tend not to be so pricey, but items can start draining into wealth pretty heavily. As a merchant, I tend to frown on such wasteful expenditures. However, it can't be argued that those grenades DO hurt.

Equipment: Several pieces of gear have new enchantmets. Many add elemental damage, some new sources of +melee and +spell damage exist as well. A Plexiglass pith Helmet even adds +5lbs to your familiar, and some accessories reduce skill cost. In addition to familiar choice, equipment selection is likely to be your largest source of strategic planning and flexibility in working that naughty woman over. Sadly, the largest source of offense elsewhere in the game, your weapon, is completely restricted to the feeble Wand.

Now we look at defense. Once again, your familiar can be a powerful source of defense. the right familiar, and the right strategy can play a large role in how hard the NS is. Barrrnacles, Potatoes, Emo Squids, Teddy Bears, Riftlets, Cocabos, NPZRs, and so on can either take hits, put negative levs on the NS, or heal you. Generally heavier is better (though be careful with barrrnacle types; yes, the NS WILL throw off those negative levels, rendering your familiar completely useless), and in the case of healing familiars, wand bashing will grant the greatest opportunity for familiar action.

Skills tend not to help as much in the defense department. Saucy Salve and Lasagna Bandages can heal you in combat, but can still be blocked like any other skill, and MP use is a factor.

Items can help your defense as well. Doc Galaktic's Homeopathic Elixirs are the most readily available and fairly effective. Red pixel potions and red plastic oyster eggs are a bit expensive, and it's painful to see the NS simply shattering such things. Green Pixel potions Heal HP and MP, but tend not to be as effective as Red for HP, nor Blue for MP.

Equipment plays an obvious role in your defense. Unfortunately for damage absorbtion, which often seems so low powered everywhere else in the game, seems completely ineffectual against the NS. There are several pieces of gear now that lower stats, which can be a minor benefit against the NS, but the biggest impact in defense possible is the Furry Outfit (Wolf Mask and Furry Pants). The mask has an intrinsic effect which grants +muscle, and +moxie. However, when the entire otufit iw worn, that +moxie is replaced with a -75% moxie. Quite simply, there is no other one thing in the game that will shore up your defense as significantly.

Now, rather than setting up one "best" strategy, instead look over everything you have, and decide how it can help you offensively and/or defensively. Weight it's impact, then select the various bits and pieces which will give you the largest advantage against her.

Chronic Indigestion, as long as you are capable of eating, is available to any class. It costs 5mp, always hits (when not blocked), and with 15 fullness does acceptably good damage. at 20 fullness, it's actually fairly efficient. If you're playing a class lacking an offensive skill, and wish to use one (AT, DB) or are not thrilled with the ones available to your class, this is a solid alternative.

Familiars that dole out negative levels as an attack (GPoaS, NPZR), while still usable, tend to deny any possibility of KEEPING the nS under negative levels. If you're using this type of familiar, throwing plot holes and the like is futile.

The furry suit is available to all classes. If you lack the Turtle Tamer's Armorcraftiness, you cna use a zapping wand to turn a second wolf mask into the pants. With the Furry Pants' new enchantmet doing +5 sleaze damage, the suit has become even more useful. Reducing the damage she deals to you combos particularly well with healing, and intelligent usage of helaing can do wonders for one's survivability.

A Star Starfish is a familiar that anyone fighting the NS must have. Havign one at full weight is not the best combat familiar in the game, but it's not shappy; easily on par with the lime and goat for damage. The MP restore can fuel skill usage fairly nicely, allowing greater freedom of offense, and can quite probably prove to be a larger impact on your total offense than a superior combat familiar.

If you're going to rely more heavily on your familiar, swinging that wand more often may result in more fumbles. putting on a Porqoise Bracelet or a spooky glove can help, while heavy defense of the Furry Suit combined with healing is going to be needed to give your familiar the time it needs to work her over. Another useful addition to a more drawn out battle like this is an Acid-Squirting Flower. It may onely do 1-5 damage, but over a long fight this cna add up. Since you're swinging that wand anyway, +melee stuff is likely to help those times that wans does connect. Muscle classes do better with this strategy because their primary of muscle results in more Wand strikes and greater general offense.

Another option is to try and push your offense up high enough to simply kill her faster than she kills you. Usually this involves skill use, such as LTS synergy or spells. Due to speed, your familiar will play less of a role, though is still important. The extra odd chomp or two can be the difference of a round or two more of combat where she may just destroy you. Conversely, a defensive familiar may hold her off long enough to get that killing blow in. Furry suit is still likely to be a good choice here. Accessories will likely be devoted to offense increasing things like +melee stuff, +spell stuff, or +MaxMP stuff (for a few extra shots). Porqoise Bracelet and Acid-Squirting flower are less attractive in this style due to speed, and the fact that skills don't fumble.

Some other points to consider. Level changes a few things. Low leveled (11th, 12th level) Seal Clubbers and those with LTS synergy saved have an advantage. Max MP is low enough that MP costs are more significant, and the relatively low costs of TS and LTS makes them mroe affordable that MM and myst class spells. The doubling or tripling of +melee stuff can push damage easily into the 250 range against normal monsters, and 50's against the NS. However, as level increases (on towards 20's) myst classes pass up SCs, as max MP raises skill cost becomes less important, and as myst rises, Spells become more and more damaging while LTS synergy peters out. Moxie classes lack 100% accurate attacks, but at higher levels the Moxious Manuever(MM) scales fairly nicely, and max MP tends to go up faster than the cost of MM. It's possible at higher levels to go against the general wisdom of NS battling of "reduce that damn moxie!" and actually do quite nicely in a damage race with the NS by boosting Moxie.

As a general guideline, things that raise stats or MaxHP are bad. Things that give out negative levels are only of limited use, keep an eye on your health. A difference of 10 moxie is a drop in the hat, and shouldn't be worried about. Remember, the Furry suit reduces a 70 moxie to a 17, and a 104 moxie to a 26. Getting a couple of extra points while fighting in the Castle/HitS/HedgeMaze/Tower is no big deal, and the +4 moxie of the porqoise bracelet is not going to result in your mauling. 104 in your main, and 70 in your secondaries is the minimum, and ideal, but you do have some good playing room.
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Postby Tagliatelle on Sun Feb 19, 2006 2:11 pm

Wow, toric. Just wow.

A Plot Hole (app. -6) will be often thrown off right away, and generally does not last long on form one. In fact, her "threshold" on form one is low enough that whatever benefit you might gain from inflicting them is pretty minimal. Form 2 seems to ahve a higher threshold; it's not uncommon for a Plot Hole to stick for a good duration.

I find that one plot hole will usually stick for the duration of both forms. However, if you want to be sure, just use a couple of wussiness potions instead of a plot hole. Note that your familiar can also delevel the NS, which can trigger her restoration to normal level ("shimmering"). One more thing to watch out for.


Some game mechanics:

Monsters have two stats: Power and defense. (Well, they have initiative and HP, too, but we can safely ignore those for the NS).

Power determines how hard they hit (like your Muscle) and their chance of hitting you - if your moxie is 10 higher than this value, then you can't be hit by that monster, if your moxie is the same as the monster's power, then you will be hit 50% of the time, if your moxie is 10 less than the monster's power then you will be hit 100% of the time.

Defence determines how hard the monster is to hit. Assuming that you are using muscle as the stat which determines how likely you are to hit a monster (ie. you are not a myst class wielding a staff with the spirit of rigatoni skill, and that you are not using a ranged weapon) - then if your Mus is 10 greater than the monster's defence, you will hit 100% of the time; if you are the same then you will hit 50% of the time; if you are 10 below than you will never hit.

The NS first form's power is [yourmoxie]+5ish and her defence is [yourmuscle]+5ish
The NS second form's power is [yourmoxie]+8ish and its defence is [yourmuscle]+8ish

Aside: The NS's stats are reduced if you haven't ascended many times, and if you have lost the battle a few times in your current incarnation. The above figures assume you have about 10 ascensions under your belt and that it is your first attempt in your current incarnation. Note that if you go into hardcore for the first time at ascension 30ish, like me, you may find the NS to be fairly difficult...

So the NS always has a significant advantage over you, and simply trying to beat her to death with a wand is obviously not going to work.

The furry suit is useful because it reduces her power to something which is much less than your muscle - and therefore reduces the damage she does to something which is much less than your HP (her damage is determined by her power, your HP is determined by your muscle).

One more tip about level reduction: she has a chance of shimmering whenever her power/defence are reduced to your mox/mus (or below). This chance is increased the further you reduce her stats below your own. However, she will not shimmer if you reduce her stats to one above your own.

That's just about all I know about the NS which hasn't already been covered, so I'll stop there. PM me on these forums if you have any further questions.
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Postby Zefi on Sun Sep 17, 2006 3:56 am

Being the moxious maniuvere is new, most people still have problems with the Moxie class with the sorc i recommend this

Max out your moxie (hat, shirt, pants, 2accessories, and maybe the 2ed weapon if you have the skill)
equip 1 moxie magnet (this will solve the problem of not having mana to kill the sorc with moxious manavure)
and the must ever present, the wand of crappyness.

then spam moxious manivure and healing if your hp drops lower then 50% being your HP is low.

familar use any, i prefer ones that inturrupt... they are life savers. If your still having mana problems I recommend the starfish but this is mainly due to low moxie (if you get your moxie high enough, you can 3 shot her per form therefore your mana drain isnt big cause you dont have to hit her as much nor heal as much either)

Moxious manivure isnt affected by +dmg so dont bother with flaming claws or something like that.
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Postby Tagliatelle on Sun Sep 17, 2006 6:01 pm

Moxious Maneuver has, in fact, been around for a very very long time. More than two years, I think.

However, the tactic of boosting your moxie as high as possible and spamming MM is a good one, especially for moxie classes who have few skills.
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Postby Zefi on Mon Sep 18, 2006 7:19 am

it was?!.... i guess my brain is messed up... oh well.
But yea i realized that spamming Moxious Maneuver can do massive dmg... but will end up not having enough mana in a couple of spams being the mana is based on your level, so i went searching for mana boosts and realized the moxie magnet was awsome.... i came up with the idea myself (not shure if someone thought of the same idea before me but all the sorc combat guides i have yet to see this strategy)

As always, fighting the sorc is based on your luck on what she does in combat and if you can hit her... so it might take a couple tries before you kill her no matter how good your set up is... :\
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