KoL Diamond from Otori

Based on Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades: Players Who Suit Muds by Richard Bartle

Take the KoL-themed variant, The BarKoL Test

Achievers are Diamonds (they're always seeking treasure)

i) Achievers regard points-gathering and rising in levels as their main goal, and all is ultimately subserviant to this. Exploration is necessary only to find new sources of treasure, or improved ways of wringing points from it. Socialising is a relaxing method of discovering what other players know about the business of accumulating points, that their knowledge can be applied to the task of gaining riches. Killing is only necessary to eliminate rivals or people who get in the way, or to gain vast amounts of points (if points are awarded for killing other players).

Achievers say things like:
"I'm busy."
"Sure, I'll help you. What do I get?"
"So how do YOU kill the dragon, then?"
"Only 4211 points to go!"
- Richard Bartle

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