KoL Effects from Otori

691337p4n7Z+6 muscle; -3 moxieEquip 1337 7r0uZ0RZunknown...0Jun 15
78Aloysius' Antiphon of AptitudeIncreases stat gains in combat by 3 (1 of each stat.)Disco Bandit buffunknown...255Jun 15
79Ancestral Disapproval+10% mysticalityBuy a mysticality boost from your clanunknown...255Jun 15
110And Your Family; Too-10 familiar levelThe Don's Special on your familiarunknown...10Jun 15
2Arse-a'fireTriples muscleDrink a Arse-a'fire elixirunknown...5Jun 15
80Astral ShellReduces damage taken in combatTurtle Tamer buffunknown...5Jun 15
111Beaten UpAll stats halvedReach zero hitpointsunknown...3Jun 15
112Beaten UpAll stats halvedMob hit or drinking Dyspepsi-Cola after eating Rock Popsunknown...10Jun 15
3Bloody HandBloody HandUse a baby seal toothunknown...3Jun 15
81Brawnee's Anthem of AbsorptionReduces damage taken in combat by 40Accordion Thief buffunknown...255Jun 15
113Broken Knees-30% muscleThe Don's Special (a mob hit)unknown...10Jun 15
4Butt-Rock Hair+15% moxieUse a can of hair sprayunknown...3Jun 15
5CanadianityChange ""out"" to ""oot"" and put ""eh?"" on the end of your sentences in chat.Drink a White Canadianunknown...3Jun 15
6Chalky EqualityMysticality and moxie become equal to base muscleDrink a potion of chalky equalityunknown...5Jun 15
70Chapped Legs-2 muscle; +4 moxieEquip leather chapsunknown...0Jun 15
82Cletus' Canticle of CelerityImproves chance of acting first and chance of succesfully fleeing by 20%Accordion Thief buffunknown...255Jun 15
71Complete Delusion+4 muscle; +5 moxieEquip wolf maskunknown...0Jun 15
7Confused-30% mysticalityEat a herb brownieunknown...5Jun 15
8Confused-30% mysticalityDrink a ! potion*unknown...20Jun 15
114Corroded WeaponDecrease combat damageAcid blob attack in the Dungeon of Doomunknown...5Jun 15
9Dill-Tastic+15 all statsDrink a dill potionunknown...5Jun 15
83Disco State of Mind+2 moxieDisco Bandit buff (Disco Aerobics)unknown...5Jun 15
72Draggin' Balls-3 muscle; +6 moxieEquip a Draggin' Ball Hatunknown...0Jun 15
10Dwarven HardinessEat dwarf breadunknown...0Jun 15
1Effect nameEffect's effectHow to get the effectunknown...0Jun 15
11Egg-cellent Vocabulary+10% moxieUse a yellow polka-dot oyster egg or a yellow plastic oyster eggunknown...20Jun 15
12Egg-headedness+10% mysticalityUse a yellow paisley oyster egg or a yellow plastic oyster eggunknown...20Jun 15
13Egg-stortionary TacticsMonsters drop more Meat (~+50%)Use a black paisley; black polka-dot; or black striped oyster eggunknown...20Jun 15
14Egg-stra Arm+10% muscleUse a yellow striped oyster egg or a yellow plastic oyster eggunknown...20Jun 15
15Eggs-tra Sensory PerceptionMonsters drop more items (~+50%)Use an off-white paisley; off-white polka-dot; or off-white striped oyster eggunknown...20Jun 15
84Elemental SaucesphereProtects you from the elements (fire; cold; stench and spookiness)Sauceror buffunknown...10Jun 15
16Embarrassed-30% moxieUse a patchouli incense stickunknown...5Jun 15
85Empathy+5 familiar levelTurtle Tamer buffunknown...10Jun 15
17Engorged WeaponIncrease melee potencyEat some Meleegra? pillsunknown...5Jun 15
86Enraged+10% muscleBuy a muscle boost from your clanunknown...255Jun 15
18EquilibriumMuscle and moxie become equal to base mysticalityUse equilibrium juiceunknown...5Jun 15
19Extreme Muscle Relaxation+25% muscleUse Mick's IcyVapoHotnessRubunknown...10Jun 15
20Eye of the LihcSpooky protectionEat a Lihc eye pieunknown...5Jun 15
21Far Out+1 mysticalityUse a patchouli incense stickunknown...5Jun 15
87Fat Leon's Phat Loot LyricIncreases the item drop rates from monsters by 20%Accordion Thief buffunknown...255Jun 15
22Flower Power+20% all statsEat a flower petal pie or drink a shot of flower schnappsunknown...3Jun 15
73Free Bird+20 mysticalityEquip Radio Free Pantsunknown...0Jun 15
88Ghostly ShellReduces damage taken in combatTurtle Tamer buffunknown...5Jun 15
115Gnawed-Off Arm-5 muscleCan occur during a St. Sneaky Pete's Day Stuporunknown...5Jun 15
23Goofball WithdrawalHalves all stats (taking more goofballs will cause it to go away)Happens the day after the Hopped Up on Goofballs effect endsunknown...100Jun 15
25Gr8tnessDoubles all statsUse a potion of temporary gr8tnessunknown...5Jun 15
24Grapefruit Power+50% to all statsUse grapefruit juice of powerful powerunknown...5Jun 15
26HennaliciousnessRegenerates 10 MP a turnUse a henna tattoounknown...5Jun 15
27Hernia!-70% muscleUse the Mafia Aria while not wearing a support cummerbundunknown...5Jun 15
28Hombre Muerto CaminandoAllows you to obtain a poultrygeistUse a marzipan skullunknown...5Jun 15
29Hopped Up on Goofballs+20% muscle and +20% moxie (The 7th time you use goofballs; you permanently lose 20 of each stat point. The 8th time you lose 25; and so on.)Use goofballsunknown...10Jun 15
30Izchak's Blessing+25% moxieDrink a ! potion*unknown...10Jun 15
89Jaba?ero SaucesphereEnemies that attack you get damagedSauceror buffunknown...10Jun 15
90Jackasses' Symphony of DestrucIncreases melee damage by 12Accordion Thief buffunknown...255Jun 15
91Jalape?o SaucesphereEnemies that attack you suffer some damageSauceror buffunknown...10Jun 15
31Knob Goblin Lust Frenzy+2 moxie (but permanent -15 muscle subpoints)Use the Knob Goblin Love Potionunknown...5Jun 15
32Knob Goblin PerfumeYou smell like a Knob Goblin Harem GirlUse the Knob Goblin Perfumeunknown...1Jun 15
92Leash of Linguini+5 familiar levelPastamancer buffunknown...10Jun 15
33Lemon EnlightenmentDoubles mysticalityUse a cosmic lemonadeunknown...5Jun 15
34Macho Profundo+60% muscle and +60% moxieUse the Mafia Aria while wearing a support cummerbundunknown...5Jun 15
93Magical Mojomuscular Melody+30 maximum MPAccordion Thief buffunknown...255Jun 15
35Maraschino MoxiosityDoubles base moxieUse a maraschino moxiosity potionunknown...5Jun 15
94Mariachi Mood+1 moxie and +8 maximum HPAccordion Thief buff (Moxie of the Mariachi)unknown...5Jun 15
36Missing Fingers-3 muscleUse a Knob Goblin Firecracker (while not in combat)unknown...3Jun 15
95Moxious Madrigal+10 moxieAccordion Thief buffunknown...255Jun 15
37Mysteriously Handsome+5% moxieDrink a handsomeness potionunknown...5Jun 15
38Mystic Pickleness+5 mysticality; -5 muscleEat some pickle-flavored chewing gumunknown...5Jun 15
96Ode to Booze+1 Adventure for every alcoholic drink consumedAccordion Thief buffunknown...255Jun 15
39Olive DrabnessMuscle becomes equal to base mysticalityUse a drab potionunknown...5Jun 15
40Orange AppealDoubles base moxieUse an orangish aphrodisiacunknown...5Jun 15
41Papowerful!Doubles base mysticalityUse a papotion of papowerunknown...5Jun 15
97Pasta Oneness+2 mysticalityPastamancer buff (Manicotti Meditation)unknown...5Jun 15
98Patience of the Tortoise+1 muscle and +8 maximum HPTurtle Tamer buffunknown...5Jun 15
42Poisoned?Use a marzipan skullunknown...5Jun 15
116poisoned-25% all statsVariousunknown...10Jun 15
99Polka of PlentyMonsters drop more MeatAccordion Thief buffunknown...255Jun 15
43Popping StomachDrinking a Dyspepsi-Cola with this effect active causes your stomach to explode and you getting Beaten Up statusUse Rock Popsunknown...0Jun 15
100Power Ballad of the Arrowsmith+10 muscleAccordion Thief buffunknown...255Jun 15
101Psalm of PointinessDamages enemies that attack youAccordion Thief buffunknown...255Jun 15
74Radio Head+20 moxieEquip a Radio Free Baseball Capunknown...0Jun 15
102Rage of the Reindeer+10% muscle and +10 melee damageSeal Clubber buffunknown...5Jun 15
44Rainy Soul Miasma+10 muscle; +10 mysticality; and -5 moxieUse a thin black candleunknown...10Jun 15
75Red Neck+4 muscle; -2 moxieEquip a mesh capunknown...0Jun 15
103Reptilian Fortitude+30 maximum HPTurtle Tamer buffunknown...5Jun 15
104Saucemastery+1 mysticality and +8 maximum HPSauceror buff (Sauce Contemplation)unknown...5Jun 15
105Seal Clubbing Frenzy+2 muscleSeal Clubber buffunknown...5Jun 15
45Sharp Weapon+5 melee damageUse a Knob Goblin Sharpening Sprayunknown...5Jun 15
76Shiny Happy Weapon+20 muscleEquip a Radio Free Foilunknown...0Jun 15
77Sleeping with the FishesImproves the recovery effect of sleepEquip cement shoesunknown...0Jun 15
46Sleepy-30% muscleUse a decorative fountainunknown...1Jun 15
47Sleepy-30% muscleDrink hippy herbal teaunknown...5Jun 15
48Sleepy-30% muscleDrink a ! potion*unknown...20Jun 15
49Spicey Limeness+5 moxie; -5 muscleEat some lime-and-chile-flavored chewing gumunknown...5Jun 15
50Spicey Mouth+5 mysticality; -5 moxieEat some jaba?ero-flavored chewing gumunknown...5Jun 15
51Spiky HairIncreased chance of critical hitUse super-spiky hair gelunknown...5Jun 15
106Springy Fusilli+40% combat initiativePastamancer buffunknown...5Jun 15
52Steroid Boost+2 muscle (but permanent -15 moxie subpoints)Use Knob Goblin Steroidsunknown...5Jun 15
107Stevedave's Shanty of Superior10% bonus to all statsAccordion Thief buffunknown...255Jun 15
53Strange Mental Acuity+25% mysticalityDrink a ! potion*unknown...10Jun 15
54Strawberry AlarmMuscle and mysticality become equal to base moxieDrink an alarming strawberry juiceunknown...5Jun 15
55Strength of Ten Ettins+25% muscleDrink a ! potion*unknown...10Jun 15
56Sugar Rush+1 muscle and +1 moxieEat a Tasty Fun Good Rice Candy or use a marzipan skullunknown...5Jun 15
57Sugar Rush+1 muscle and +1 moxieEat an Angry Farmer Candyunknown...10Jun 15
117Sunburned-2 muscle and -2 moxieCan occur while adventuring in the Palindomeunknown...3Jun 15
58Tamarind Torment+5 muscle; -5 moxieEat some tamarind-flavored chewing gumunknown...5Jun 15
59TeleportitisRandomly teleport to a low-level area when you try to adventureEncounter a Q in the Enormous Greater-Than Signunknown...5Jun 15
60TeleportitisRandomly teleport to a low-level area when you try to adventureDrink a ! potion*unknown...10Jun 15
61Temporary LycanthropyBase muscle is multiplied by the sum of the moons' fullness percentageUse the Blood of the Weresealunknown...5Jun 15
108Tenacity of the SnapperIncreases your combat damageTurtle Tamer buffunknown...5Jun 15
118The Smile of Mr. A.+15 all statsGet blessed by a Golden Mr. Accessoryunknown...40Jun 15
62The Wrath of GrapesDoubles muscleUse wrath serumunknown...5Jun 15
63Tingly Biceps+5 muscleOne of three possible random effects when you use a phonics downunknown...255Jun 15
64Tingly Elbows+5 moxieOne of three possible random effects when you use a phonics downunknown...255Jun 15
65Tingly Wrists+5 mysticalityOne of three possible random effects when you use a phonics downunknown...255Jun 15
66Tomato SmoothnessMoxie and mysticality swapUse a tomato smoothieunknown...5Jun 15
67UncertainYour muscle and moxie randomly increases/decreasesUse a probability potionunknown...10Jun 15
109Whitened Teeth+10% moxieBuy a moxie boost from your clanunknown...255Jun 15
68Wussiness-3 muscleUse a wussiness potionunknown...3Jun 15


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