KoL Familiars from Otori

15Baby Gravy FairyBGF0;3;1;20A mushroom with wings / Monsters can be generous / So dance, magic, dance.0Baby Gravy FairyJun 18
28Baby YetiBY3;1;1;20Penguin-chucking tot / Summons magic light-shows, too / Ouch, the colors, man.0Baby YetiJun 18
8BarrrnacleBrr0;2;1;30Crusty crustacean / This little guy really sucks / Your foe's will to live.0BarrrnacleJun 18
12Blood Faced VolleyballBFV0;1;3;20Icky sporting goods / Spiritual enhancement / Obvious pairing?0Blood Faced VolleyballJun 18
23Cheshire BatCB1;2;3;10Wings and lots of teeth / A wink, a smile, and you'll be / Buffer and richer.0Cheshire BatJun 18
32Clockwork GrapefruitCG0;0;0;00Ultraviolent, / this horrorshow familiar / spills the red, red kroovy.0Clockwork GrapefruitJun 18
16CocoaboCoc3;2;0;10Chocolate feathers / Healing, fighting scavenging / Give monsters the bird.0CocoaboJun 18
22Coffee PixieCP1;1;3;20Wing?d caffeine buzz / All the jitters is golden / Quickly snags you loot.0Coffee PixieJun 18
26Crimbo ElfCE1;2;1;30Crimbo gifts for you: / Smackdown and shakedown for loot / Ho ho ho ki yay.0Crimbo ElfJun 18
30Emo SquidES1;3;1;20Life is so hard for / This weeping cephalopod. / Nobody loves him.0Emo SquidJun 18
29Feather Boa ConstrictorFBC2;3;1;10Silky, sultry snake / Uses its feminine wiles / Foes blush, then pass out.0Feather Boa ConstrictorJun 18
34Flaming Gravy FairyFlG0;0;0;00Effeminate shroom / Deals hot damage, loots monsters, / Does it all with style.0Flaming Gravy FairyJun 18
35Frozen Gravy FairyFrG0;0;0;00Getting cold in here, / Watch how monsters drop their loot! / Iced, iced, baby. Word.0Frozen Gravy FairyJun 18
6Fuzzy DiceFD2;2;2;20Groovy plushness, but / What does it do? Better ask / "What doesn't it do?"0Fuzzy DiceJun 18
19Ghost Pickle On A StickGPo3;1;0;20Salty, translucent / floats above, its only need / to lay dill smack down.0Ghost Pickle On A StickJun 18
14Ghuol WhelpGW1;2;0;30Eater of the dead / Appetizing diet? No. / Good for you? Oh yes.0Ghuol WhelpJun 18
4GoatG3;0;2;10Bearded quadruped / Ill-tempered, furry, horny / Butts heads with buttheads.0GoatJun 18
11GrueGru2;0;1;30In darkness is strength / Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me / Creature of the night.0GrueJun 18
25Hand TurkeyHT3;2;1;10Gobble gobble hey / Beak and fingers hunt and peck / Victory and Meat.0Hand TurkeyJun 18
27Hanukkimbo DreidlHD2;1;3;10Made of magic clay / Ancient toy, random rewards / Oy to you and me.0Hanukkimbo DreidlJun 18
18Hovering SombreroHS0;3;2;10Airborne headgear? ?Si! / Almost seems to grin at you... / Misterioso.0Hovering SombreroJun 18
9Howling Balloon MonkeyHBM1;3;2;00So full of hot air / Inflatable simian / Shockingly useful.0Howling Balloon MonkeyJun 18
38Inflatable DodecapedeID0;0;0;00Twelve arms to hold you / Mighty when full of hot air / Over time it sinks.0Inflatable DodecapedeJun 18
24Jill-O-LanternJil3;1;2;10Hail the pumpkin queen / Soul food and flaming death rays / From her mouth and eyes.0Jill-O-LanternJun 18
20Killer BeeKB3;1;2;00Hovers like a b / ASCII and ye shall receive / Several nasty stings.0Killer BeeJun 18
2LeprechaunLep1;3;0;20Tiny Irish guy / Strange accent and wardrobe, but / His friendship is rich.0LeprechaunJun 18
3Levitating PotatoLP0;1;2;30An eye for an eye / Hey, hovering potato / Might trip up your foes.0Levitating PotatoJun 18
33MagiMechTech MicroMechaMechMMM0;0;0;00Iron giant? No. / But the midget does bring game: / laser, missile, stomp.0MagiMechTech MicroMechaMechJun 18
21Maple LeafML0;0;0;00A restoring touch / Dead foes and the dirty ground / That's what I'm aboot.0Maple LeafJun 18
1MosquitoMos2;1;3;00From pest to helper / A sucker for a good meal / This blood's for you, man.0MosquitoJun 18
31Personal RaincloudPR2;1;3;10May flowers? No sir. / Raindrops falling on your head / bring random goodness.0Personal RaincloudJun 18
5Sabre Toothed LimeSTL3;0;2;10Sharp and acidic / Forget tequila and salt / No bark but great bite.0Sabre Toothed LimeJun 18
7Spooky Pirate SkeletonSPS2;3;1;00Undead swashbuckler / With his sword and spookiness / Who's your bone daddy?0Spooky Pirate SkeletonJun 18
10Stab BatSB3;2;1;00Man, that's wicked sharp: / Self-swinging bloodthirsty sword / But it cuts both ways.0Stab BatJun 18
17Star StarfishSS2;1;3;00Out of mojo blues? / Do you believe in magic? / Wish upon this star.0Star StarfishJun 18
36Stinky Gravy FairySGF0;0;0;00Getting hard to breathe, / monsters lose their loot (and lunch.) / I guess it's worth it.0Stinky Gravy FairyJun 18

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