KoL Trophies from Otori

What are Trophies?

Trophies are purely for display in your campground and profile. In addition to the following requirements, you need to spend 10,000 meat per Trophy at the Trophy Shop.

6Boss BossBeat the quest bosses with the dial on 11.Boss BossJun 18
15PalindrophyBuild a Pagoda in your campsite.PalindrophyJun 18
10Easy Come Easy GoDiscard a Pretty Flower.Easy Come Easy GoJun 18
19Tiny Plastic TrophyDisplay all 32 series 1 Tiny Plastic figures in your Display Case.Tiny Plastic TrophyJun 18
14I Heart CanadiaDrink 30 White Canadians.I Heart CanadiaJun 18
9Disgusting CocktailDrink 5 Tomato DaquirisDisgusting CocktailJun 18
17The Ghuol CupEat 11 Ghuol Goulash.The Ghuol CupJun 18
16Platinum SkullEat 5 Spaghetti with Skullheads.Platinum SkullJan 31
20Weeping PizzaEat 5 White Chocolate and Tomato Pizzas.Weeping PizzaJun 18
27Three-Tiered TrophyTTTEat a Three-tiered wedding cake with Stomach of Steel on the Feast of BorisThree-Tiered TrophyJan 31
7Boquet of HippiesEat at least 420 Herb Brownies.Boquet of HippiesJun 18
11Failure to CommunicateEat at least 50 Lucky Surprise Eggs.Failure to CommunicateJun 18
21Gadget InspectorFind 10 Clockwork Keys in one ascension.Gadget InspectorJun 18
24Jack of Several TradesJoSTGet all 5 Gnome skills permanentJack of Several TradesJan 31
26Trivially SkilledTSGet all 6 inital class skills permanentlyTrivially SkilledJan 31
18This Lousy TrophyMust have had an active account on A day.This Lousy TrophyJun 18
3Little BoatMust have made at least 100 trips to the Shore.Little BoatJun 18
4Big BoatMust have made at least 1000 trips to the Shore.Big BoatJun 18
25GourdcoreGCObtain 25 Gourd Potions in the same Hardcore ascension runGourdcoreJan 31
12Silver YetiSpend at least 10 turns using the Yeti Protest Sign.Silver YetiJun 18
13Golden YetiSpend at least 100 turns using the Yeti Protest Sign.Golden YetiJun 18
8Der ToastdiebSteal Toast in PVP.Der ToastdiebJun 18
5Black Hole TerrariumTotal Actual Familiar Weight must be at least 500 Pounds. Minimum Familiars: 25.Black Hole TerrariumJun 18
1100 Pound LoadTotal Actual Weight of Familiars in Terrarium must be at least 100 Pounds. Minimum Familiars: 5.100 Pound LoadJun 18
2300 Pound LoadTotal Actual Weight of Familiars in Terrarium must be at least 300 Pounds. Minimum Familiars: 15.300 Pound LoadJun 18
2399 Red Balloons99RBUse 99 Red Balloons at the same time99 Red BalloonsJan 31
22Let My Bugbears Go!Wear Bugbear Outfit to Bugbear Pens after finishing the quest from Mayor Zapruder.Let My Bugbears Go!Jan 31
32Pantsless!P!Wearing no pants on during New Year 06.Pantsless!Jan 31
29Friend of ElvesFoEWith the Unionize the Elves Sign equipped, kill 10 reindeers in Crimbo Town. Only available Dec 2005.Friend of ElvesJan 31
30Reindeer HunterRHWith the Unionize the Elves Sign equipped, kill 100 reindeers in Crimbo Town. Only available Dec 2005.Reindeer HunterJan 31

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