About Clan Otori

Welcome to Otori.org.

This is the website for the Kingdom of Loathing clan Otori. Kingdom of Loathing is a deeply satirical web-based RPG, with minimal graphics and turn-based gameplay. It is also possibly the best online game (in our opinion anyway).

Players in the Kingdom of Loathing can choose to join clans, which enables them to help each other in their gameplay. Otori is one of the foremost clans in the Kingdom, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of the community feeling within the clan. We believe that community spirit is just as important as being good at the game. All of our members are active in clan chat and a sizeable number of them are active on the forums as well.

Now, please feel free to explore our website. It may be pitifully small at the moment but, as always, we are working towards bigger and better things!

Last modified: Tuesday, 24-Jul-2007 09:43:44 PDT
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