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Otori was to be the title of the clan formed by ashamalee after leaving Unholy Slayers. Founded from recent novels by Lian Hearn, Otori is a clan name of Feudal Japan, where honour, loyalty and revenge were the most respected traits.


Hovering above the decaying ruins, we are Clan Otori. United as one spirit we shall surpass all others!


ashamalee formed Otori on 24th August 2004, after consultation with RL friends, both of whom have quit since then - segafreak1999 and Leon_Necredor. The first in game member to join the ranks was Moless, who was found lurking in villa only hours after the clan was created. Following him, several members from Unholy Slayers found their way over, including Resiliang. Resiliang was the most active member, and continuously worked hard acquiring new members, with an ideal size of 100 members in sight. However, a many of these new faces soon became inactive, as a large percentage of new members always seem to do. Thus booting came into play and numbers were cut back. However, those that stayed active and stuck around formed a very worthy core of this new clan. After a while, Resiliang found a new game, and now spends most his time on Maple Story.

An impressive army was built up using funds donated mostly by ashamalee and Leon. After a short period of time, they built up a force to be reckoned with and soon hit the leader board, quickly attaining 4th place for "Most clan warfare wins". Due to changes introduced on 13th October 2004, Otori is now prevented from gaining on the 4th position that they currently hold.

After the changes made towards the end of 2004 (in which clans with less than five members were kicked off the leaderboards), the members of Otori realised that they were only a short whisker away from the power leaderboard. Much shore-whoring followed, with the eventual result that Otori rose to the bottom of the leaderboard in mid-february. The drive didn't stop there, though - they had to maintain their position! As a result, Otori can now usually be found on the power leaderboard in 12th-15th position. It is worth noting that, although there used to be a minimum power requirement to be able to join, up until late february, this has now been dropped.


Otori is a very active clan: raffles, contests and discussions (both game-related and completely random) happen all the time. New members continue to find there way there, and are generally welcome. Otori has grown up from the baby clan it once was. It has strict regulations regarding inactivity and a tightly controlled stash policy - however, this policy is only aimed at keeping the stash "clutter-free". As a result, the stash now only contains top-flight food and drink, and rares.

Unlike most clans, the ranking system is not based on karma, but instead on levels of activity. Otori has a most prestigious forum up, which is extremely active and also hosts the KoLBay forums.

Otori continue to attack clans daily, even with the knowledge, that they, like many others, can never catch the clan above them. Futility? Bloody-mindedness? We prefer to call it Dedication...

Major members:

ashamalee (#89522): A well-known power gamer (Level 50+) and /trade channel frequenter, his own store is perhaps even more famous than his clan. Soon after Black Sunday, ashamalee was rolling in meat, and since then he has funnelled over three and a half billion meat into a massive collection drive. Collecting tens of thousands of many items he has amassed the biggest collection the kingdom has ever seen. His collection was proudly displayed in his store. Today while his collections are still unrivalled, much has been sold off and his dedication for furs and skin has shone through. He has now amassed a most amazing fiqure of over 3 million skins.

Macnchz (#215654): The most esteemed member of Otori, and the only person ever to know ashamalee's password. Today she co-runs Otori at ash's side and funds a large collection of evil, proudly displayed in her humble case. An excellent player well worth knowing, who contributes kindness to the game, instead of wealth, glory and power.

Tagliatelle (#78736): The third leader of Otori, Tagliatelle is a mall trade and wannabe powergamer who is hampered by having to spend significant portions of the year (during university holidays) at home, behind a poor-quality dialup connection. However, he has still managed to amass a considerable collection of procrastination potions (over 60,000).

Errosion (#129365): Erros is a key farmer and has never much aspired to huge power. He keeps the clan forums under control and is, like all Otorians, a great person to chat with. Unfortunately, he is currently taking a break from KoL until ascension turns up.

Notable members:

Slashor (#127917): Avid player, and keen collector of nethack items.

MasterNick (#58699): Well known player among many.

Otori (#259062): Created by ashamalee, for safety's sake.

Innocent Bystander (#176908): Multi of Crazy Tourist and Chrono Mage, both of whom are well known for their kindness in /trade, through items and buffs. (Crazy Tourist also now resides in Otori)

lil_stabby (#98344): Keen player of KoL.

Stickly_man (#136246): A keen player who has an inexplicably large collection of wands.

CMorrigu (#54718): Genius webmaster of Otori. Responsible for all you see here.

Covante (#220721): Senior member of Otori, very active and great fun to chat to.

JizmacTheAttentionLovingNinja (#116301): The shared account which enables certain dearly departed members to pop back into clan chat and talk to current members of Otori.

Notable ex-members:

PumpkinEve (#211236): Responsible for many new members, and a keen chat and forum frequenter. Has now reluctantly departed Otori for even better places.

Crapstorm (#120208): Prominent lounger and forum member, has now departed to the higher planes of Noblesse Oblige.

Rutabega (#183581): Prominent forum member, has now reluctantly left for the Loading Dock.


Otori is a clan of active, dedicated and well respected members of the KoL society. Viewed by some as a semi-elite clan, Otori consists of approximately 40 members. Like many clans out there, Otori bade their time until they reached the Hall of Records. Now that this goal has been reached, Otori continues to grow and prosper. With a great collection of people, they hope to be more involved socially within the game.

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